Dr K O – Consultant Psychiatrist

BSc (Hon), M.B.Ch.B MRCPsych

I prepare an average of 40 expert psychiatric medico legal reports every year covering areas of my expertise, General Adults, Forensic patients, Intensive Care Psychiatric and Liaison Psychiatry.  I have attended courts to give evidence in complex cases and Tribunals for cases of High risks patients.  I have been involved in safeguarding for Vulnerable Adults and have carried out assessments on patients who are parents with regards to the risks to themselves or others, including their children. I am duly approved under section 1(1) 0f the criminal procedure, Act 1991 by virtue of my approval under Section 12(2) of the Mental Health Act1983 (as amended in 2007).


– GMC, Full registration
– ACCREDITATION: CCST in General Adult Psychiatry.
– Sub speciality accreditation in Liaison Psychiatry
– Member , Royal College of Psychiatrists (MRCPsych) (1998)
– Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery, MBChB(1987)
– BSc(Hones)in Health Sciences(1984)


– UMDS, Guy’s and St Thomas Hospital Rotational Scheme. Basic and Higher Specialist Training in Psychiatry (1995-2002)
– Obafemi Awolowo University Nigeria BSc (Hon), MBChB (1980-1987)

Current Appointment:

Consultant Psychiatrist – August 2004-to date
Psychiatric intensive care and Community Forensic Service – NHS Trust
– Lead Clinician to the intensive care unit
– Lead Clinician to community forensic team
– Lead Clinician for ECT
– Prison and Secure units Liaison
– Member of the Trust’s Senior Medical Committee
– Member of the Trust’s Mental Health Act Committee
– Member of the Trust’s Risk Management Panel
– Member of the Trust’s Section 136 Committee

Medico-Legal experience and other professional roles

– I have provided reports and presented evidence to Tribunals and Hospital Mangers Hearings
– Bulk of Tribunal work relates to patients subject to provisions of Part 111 of the Mental Health Act 1983, mainly 37/41 and I regularly assess patients in Regional Secure units, Medium Secure Units and Prisons
– I am involved in Training of other professionals and Contribute to annual training of Forensic Medical Examiners Police.
– I have given lectures on Consent to treatment, Mental Capacity Acts, Detection of Malingering in Mental Health and Courts and Forensic Frame work for disposal of forensic cases.



• Employment Tribunals / Disability Discrimination Act Assessments
• Employment matters including Psychiatric Injury Assessments
• Trauma Sequelae (Psychiatry including Personal Injury)
• Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (Psychiatry)
• Psychosomatic Disorders/ Munchausen / Malingering
– fraudulent simulation or exaggeration of symptoms assessments
• Psychiatric Assessment
• Psychopathology / Psychiatric Disorders
• Anxiety Disorders / Depression


• Child contact and custody cases
• Parental Psychiatric assessments
• Parental Risk Assessments
• Substance Abuse; Drugs and Alcohol related issues
• Domestic Violence
• Anxiety/ Depression including PTSD, Post natal depression


• Personality Disorders/Psychoses
• Criminal Responsibility (Psychiatric Assessment)
• Fitness To Plead (Psychiatric Assessment)
• Dangerousness/Risk Assessment (Psychiatric)
• Crime Victims (Psychiatry)
• Violence/Self Harm/Suicide
• Criminal Behaviour
• Offender Assessment (Psychiatric)
• Witness Assessment/Testamentary Capacity
• Abnormal Behaviour (Psychiatric Assessment)
• Mental Disorder (Psychiatric Assessment)
• Psychiatric Care
• Psychiatric Rehabilitation
• Rape / Sexual abuse
• Crime Victims (psychiatry) Torture Victims (psychiatry)


Asylum Seeker Psychiatric assessments


– Assessment and Treatment of Patients in Police Custody, Presentation at Academic meeting for Custody Nurses and Probation Officers- June 2010

– The New Mental Capacity Act: Presentation at Forensic Physician Academic Forum(New Scotland Yard, Nov. 2007)

– Detection and Management of Malingering in a Clinical Setting: Primary Psychiatry Vol.13,No 1,2006,61-68

– Dangerous People with Severe Personality Disorders: Psychiatric Services Vol. 56, No. 7, 2005, 872-873

– A Survey of inner London general practitioners’ attitudes towards depression:Primary Care Psychiatry Vol. 8, No. 3, 2002, 95-98

– Brought by the Police: Psychiatric symptoms of patients admitted into Ladywell Unit (Lewisham Hospital) under section 136, Case note review study 2001.

– Opiate and other substance addiction amongst patients with Sickle Cell disease, survey of patients attending Haematology Clinic at St Thomas Hospital.

– Presented at annual Haemoglobinopathy week at St Thomas’ Hospital – October 2000.


Audit of Rapid Tranquilization on Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit

Audit of ECT treatment at Epsom General Hospital: Assessments of Missed – fits, 2007

Audit of Section 136 presentation at Epsom General Hospital, 2006

Audit of Physical Examinations in Psychiatric In-Patients at Epsom General Hospital: June 2005
Reasons for non-attendance at CASCAID outpatient’s clinic – 2001.

Physical aggression, incidence and documentation at Brixton Community Mental Health Centre – 2000.

Audit of physical assessments in psychiatric unit, Ladywell acute wards, Lewisham Hospital – 1999.

Audit of communication with GP’s, on patients seen for the first time at Speedwell Mental Health Centre – 1999.

CPD activities

Psychiatrists in Court- A refresher course in Court appearance, Court Reports and Management-April 2009
Certificate in Teaching (as Educational Supervisor) Part 1&2
Management of Personality disorder patients-Oxford April 2006
Expert witness Training – Southampton 2005
Management of violence in acute psychiatric settings-London 2005
Management issues in bipolar affective disorder, Barcelona-October 2004
Refresher course in application of Mental Health Act October 2003
Basic Life Support Training October 2003
Management issues in Schizophrenia, Dublin – April 2002.
Preparing and presenting evidence in a courtroom or tribunal setting – 2001.
RSA Initial Text Processing (6-month part-time course) Distinction Certificate – 2000.
Management course for Specialist Registrar in Psychiatry – 2000.
Application of Computer Skills in Clinical Psychiatry – 2000.
Atypical Anti-Psychotics Clinical Effectiveness – 1998.
SPSS for Windows – 1998
Research Methods in Psychiatry – 1997.
Workshop on Mental Health Acts – 1997.
Management of Depression at the Primary Care Level, GP workshop – 1997

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