Psychiatric treatment focused Reports

Our psychiatrists produce detailed, professionally prepared psychiatric reports following both assessment and treatment. To ensure our psychiatric reports are of the highest standard, we offer our consultants exclusive access to report writing training via Bond Solon, a leading training institute for health professionals. Each report is then reviewed as part of our rigorous quality control process. Our Psychiatric reports for rehabilitation purposes generally include:

  • Review of relevant documentation & case history
  • Symptomology
  • Diagnosis (where applicable)
  • Client’s goals
  • Recommended treatment plan

We have developed a standardised psychological report template in collaboration with industry experts, to ensure our reports are easy to follow, goal orientated and concise. Alternatively, if you have a preferred template, we are happy to ensure this is agreed with the psychiatrist upon referral.

We understand the importance of regular updates and can tailor our services around your individual requirements.  All psychiatric reports are quality checked and are normally supplied within 1 week of the assessment date.

Please Contact us for a detailed quotation including an breakdown of costs, confirmed timescales and CVs.