Asylum & Immigration Expert Witness Psychiatrists


Psychiatric Expert Witnesses can provide invaluable information to the court in Asylum & Immigration proceedings. Our Expert Psychiatrists will undertake a comprehensive assessment of the client including a face-to-face interview, review of medical records and any other relevant documentation.  They will then provide a concise psychiatric medico-legal report including a diagnosis of any Mental Health conditions and recommendations for treatment, where applicable.

Professional advice & proactive case management

We can assist you in determining whether an Expert Psychiatric or Psychological report is most suitable for your case and can provide both, in collaboration with our sister company Psychology Direct.  Our dedicated Client Managers will also ensure that yours case is managed so that agreed costs &  timescales are adhered to.

Rapid response to enquiries & fast track reports

We aim to respond to all enquiries within 1 hour and confirm details of up to three suitable experts within 24 hours. Reports are usually filed within 4-6 weeks from instruction, but we can provide a fast track service for cases where reports are required within a very short timescale.

Clients & costs

We receive instructions from a wide range of clients including the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), Police, Courts, Prisons, Solicitors and Barristers.  We provide Expert Psychiatric reports for both the private & publicly funded cases.  All work completed by Psychiatry Direct associates in Public Law cases is carried out within the Legal Aid Authority codified rates.

Highly experienced Experts providing high quality reports

All of our Expert Psychiatrists are registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) and are members of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCPsych).  Our Expert Witness Psychiatrists have extensive experience in preparing medico-legal Psychiatric reports for the Asylum & Immigration cases and communicate their findings in a manner that is clear and accessible to all parties.  All reports are quality checked as part of our free proofreading service.

Specialist language & cultural expertise

In addition to being able to provide Expert Witness Psychiatrists across the country, our network of over 1,500 Expert Witnesses means that we are also able to provide Expert Psychiatrists with specialist language and cultural expertise and knowledge.

Recent instructions for Psychiatric Medico-Legal reports include:

  • Assessments of IQ/Mental capacity, including where English is not the first language
  • Assessments of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder related to mental or physical abuse and torture
  • Attachment and parenting assessments related to the impact deportation may have on the person’s family
  • Risk assessments

These are just a few examples of cases we have undertaken, please contact us for a detailed quotation including a breakdown of costs, confirmed timescales and up to 3 Expert Witness Psychiatrist CV’s.