Our Company

PSYCHIATRY Direct is a sister company of PSYCHOLOGY Direct and was founded in 2008.  Our aim is to provide a professional and proactive service to both clients and psychiatrists, by having dedicated Client Managers who co-ordinate the whole process for both parties from start to finish.

The aim in creating PSYCHIATRY Direct was to improve access to independent psychiatric services by providing clients with the advice and guidance they need to ensure that they have the most appropriate professional for their requirements.

We believe strongly in running the company based on the highest ethical and professional standards.  We have developed procedures and provided training for the staff to enable them to give both clients and psychiatrists the support that they need and to ensure that all work is of the highest quality.

PSYCHIATRY Direct has a clear focus on delivering an efficient and proactive service, so that clients always receive a high quality service within agreed budgets and timescales.

We are also aware of the difficulty many professionals have in managing their private case load.  PSYCHIATRY Direct aims to provide a seemless service, managing all the administrative aspects of a case for both psychiatrists and clients, saving time and money for all concerned.