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  • High quality, proof read Psychiatric Medico Legal reports in 4-6 weeks
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Why use Psychiatry Direct?


We deliver hundreds of Medico Legal reports prepared by Psychiatric Expert Witnesses each year to the highest professionals standards.  All of our Expert Witness Psychiatrists are registered with the General Medical Council and the Royal College of Psychiatrists and have extensive experience.


We have over 1,500 specialists Expert Witness Psychiatrists who are trained to undertake a wide variety of cases in Public, Private and Criminal Law proceedings. They provide objective and unbiased Medico Legal reports, using evidence based assessment tools, covering all specialties as well as foreign language & cultural skills.


We have negotiated preferential fees with our Expert Witness Psychiatrists, which ensures the cost to you remains the same as going direct. All of our Psychiatry Expert Witnesses adhere to The Legal Aid Agency (LAA) regulation in respect of Expert Witness Fees and we can supply up to 3 quotations & CVs.


We take a very proactive approach to managing your case and are able to make even the tightest deadlines. Each case is assigned to a dedicated Client Manager who will ensure that the assessment process is handled in an efficient and professional manner. Reports are normally filed within 4-6 weeks.

Specialist areas include…

Family Law

Our Expert Witness Psychiatrists are trained to understand the complex psychological issues involved in both Public and Private Family Law cases. They are able to assist the court by offering a psychiatric perspective of the cognitive, social, emotional and behavioural needs of children and adults in family law.

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Criminal Law

Psychiatric expert witnesses can provide invaluable information to the court in criminal proceedings. Our Expert Witness Psychiatrists have extensive experience in working in the criminal courts, both for the prosecution and defence. Whether it is an assessment of a client’s competence to stand trial or an evaluation of risk.

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Civil Proceedings

We provide comprehensive psychistric assessments and Medico Legal reports for a wide range of civil proceedings including personal injury, mental capacity and tribunals. We work with many major insurers, case management and rehabilitation companies providing both medico-legal reports and more condensed treatment focused assessments.

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Prison Law

Our Expert Witness Psychiatrists have considerable experience in working in prison and probation services and are able to offer psychiatric assessments, intervention and rehabilitation. They have specialist knowledge of psychiatric factors in criminal behaviour and produce concise Medico Legal reports in short time frames.

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Asylum / Immigration

Our extensive network of Expert Witness Psychiatrists means that we are able to offer a wide variety of Psychiatric Medico Legal reports in Asylum and Immigration cases.  We can also offer assessments including  foreign languages such as Urdu, Punjabi, Polish or Russian as well as various those requiring specific cultural knowledge.

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